Music, like culture itself, flows like a river... We are interested in understanding and documenting the many stories and multitude of tunes of your times. Our goal is to reach out to musicians who are active in their careers today. We are interested in the ways in which the traditions they embody have enabled them to connect with, and carry on those traditions and fuel the growth of their own new expression. Our goal is to document history in the making and use what we gather as an educational tool to preserve and advance our shared cultural heritage.
'Roots Musicians - Women's Tales & Tunes' documentary video. 
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 "American Women"

The DVD contains 55 minute HD movie
Plus 2 hours of MUSIC & VIDEO EXTRAS!
Americana Women
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MusicBox Project’s mission is to document and preserve our musical history
while advancing music education and avenues of creation and performance. 
(MusicBox Project is a non-profit corporation.)
Here's our mission:
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AMERICAN ROOTS MUSIC - Appalachian to Zydeco
Violet Hensley "The Whittlin' Fiddler"
a designated "Arkansas Treasure"
Valerie June shares her  "Organic Moonshine Roots Music"