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Email us  mailto:Arthur@MusicBoxProject.org 
to tell us if you are interested in sharing your music and your story. We are always looking for women who are professional, semi-professional and students  who play an instrument(s) not vocalists per se, who are composing and/or performing any type of Americana/ Roots Music, especially those who have a family history in that traditional idiom, or exceptional experiences to share with the world about their  musical journey. 
How You Can Help:
There are many ways you can help with the current project, but perhaps most important is helping us spread the word. We're going to be as active on the social web as we can. Please join us and please tell your friends. If you'd like to join our mailing list:
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Music will always remain an important part of our culture, and a way to enrich the lives of all human beings. Our goal is to help carry on cultural traditions embodied in the music, and allow access to music education and performance for more people through the many means available today. Our mission is to document and preserve our musical heritage and to further music education and avenues of performance and creation. We are an IRS tax exempt 501(c)(3) public charity non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Washington in 2010 created for this purpose. DONATIONS may be tax deductible.   EIN # 271627624. 

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Casey Henry plays her signature banjo. The Casey Henry Signature Series 5 String Kel Kroydon® Banjo was developed for Casey's personal use. Photo courtesyof MusicBox Project