MusicBox Project has an Educational DVD  "AMERICANA WOMEN"  ~ Roots Musicians - Women's Tales & Tunes ~ 
 featuring some 20 plus interviews and songs of women roots  musicians in the USA. If you are an educator - please ask us for a copy to present at your school or group.

Below is nationally acclaimed Piedmont blues guitarist and buck dancer Algia Mae Hinton as she shares her stories with us. Photo courtesy of MusicBox project.
Eden Brent shown here at  the opener for the Highway 61 Blues Festival in Greenville, MS with Donnie Brown on bass and Mike Dill on drums. As Billie Johnson (Festival organizer) had to say "This gal's in full bloom!" Photo courtesy MusicBox Project
Some questions the current research project asks are:

* What style(s) of American music do you play?
* What led you to play (and write - if you do) roots music?
* Did musicians in your family play with other families in your locale? (Who, where, jams, 
   church, etc. were you included?)  
Who and what were your teachers? 
* How were you encouraged or discouraged?
* Have you ever experienced a relationship that propelled, or got in the way of you career
  or creativity? (Explain)
* Do you feel  the occupaitonal avenues open to you are more or less because you are a   
   woman? (Explain)
MusicBox Project continues to  research American music to add to our collection on behalf of the American people. If you think you have interesting "tales and tunes" to share  - please contact us.
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Many informative and entertaining live performances and
oral history interviews are now archived within the American Folklife Center at The Library of Congress, The Southern Folklife Collection within the Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC and the Archives and Special Collections within the J.D. Williams Library, University of Mississippi at Oxford - as a lasting contribution to American Music.